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Kabarter is here to help people monetize, find or barter quality and affordable, handy skills to help ease integration into societies whilst building community.

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A Highlight of the Challenges

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Limited access to certain services

There is a gap between the demand for skills such as hairdressing, catering, Emceeing, tailoring etc. and the supply of said skills within the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) community, causing integration into the UK economy to be slightly stalled.

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Inability to find community

The disconnect between people and their community causes a sense of exclusion. The BAME migrants entering the UK every year find it hard to properly settle in if they cannot find people to connect with who may understand their language or culture.

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Limited access to important information

They say information is power but still, research shows many BAME individuals falling into avoidable issues due to a lack of information

Testimonial of Problems

Medical service. It's hard to find a hospital. Yeah, the process is very complex for me. It was very expensive... Examination of the tooth alone costs 60 pounds and a treatment plan cost about 1200 pounds. Whereas in China it is very cheap

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Chinese Student

I remember when I first arrived the UK, I did not travel out of my city for almost a year because I only thought trips to see friends and family was quite hefty and felt lonely for a good part of my first year. A year after, I found that I could have travelled to see family for as low as £5 through cheaper bus services. If only I had someone to tell me about this earlier, I would have not taken so long to adjust to the UK.

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Nigerian student

I just miss meeting my people. I haven't met so many Kenyan people. So sometimes I may feel so lonely. Like I'm just by myself resting. Oh my god…Hairdressing, food.

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Kenyan Student

Here's What the Stats Says

The average duration in the UK of survey respondents

Approximately 60% of the respondents had lived in the UK for 12 months or more

Nationalities that have supported the problem statement

We asked members from the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority ethnic) communities to tell us about their challenges in the UK to support the group better. Over 50% of the respondents were from Africa.

Limited availability of skills according to survey respondents

Most respondents said hairdressing and catering are the most popular skills they miss from their home country.

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The product idea

A platform that allows you to build a community and integrate through exchange.
In this video, the founders of Kabarter explain what this social-enterprise platform is all about and how it works, and how it is democratising the demand and supply of handy skills.

Benefits of Kabarter


Get the opportunity to use the skills you have acquired in your home country to contribute towards supporting the country-specific service demands internationally while earning extra money or getting things you need in exchange.


A tailored platform that allows users to connect with people from their home nations and others from around the world and become a part of a thriving community.


We recognise knowledge could be the difference between feeling included or getting into a weave of unsettling and stressful situations. Kabarter will allow you to learn and share important information about anything in our thriving forum community. 

How it Works

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Sign up

Sign up using your email address, Google ID or apple ID as a user or vendor.

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Explore service

Explore the advertised needs or services and trade what you have in return.

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Transact with other through cash, barter or goods on secure and safe platform.

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Join Communities

Join a community to start connecting with people and sharing information and opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does kabarter's Barter system work?

On Karbarter, we have vendors and the users. The service providers are the vendors and the people in need of services are the users. To become a vendor, you need to register a business account, while as a user, you only need to have a normal account.

On the trade tab on the Karbarter app, you can view the popular and featured  requests and if you are a vendor, you will be able to respond to requests that you like and have the capacity and skill to provide. You will be able to engage the author of the request to discuss terms of your contract. Once agreed, both will be required to deposit the value of the service they are providing and if it is a skill for money service, then the user will be asked to deposit the payment in an escrow account and will only be released once the contract is successfully completed. 

As a user, you can search a service you require on the search option on the karbarter app or you can simply explore the featured services for that which  interest you and you can reach out to the author of the service to discuss terms of a contract. Once an agreement is reached, you will be required to deposit the value of the service in an escrow account which will be released to the vendor once the contract has been successfully completed.

After any completed service, you will get the chance to upload evidence of completion and write a review and rate a vendor or user. 

What if I do not have a skill to barter?

Karbarter aims to support everyone, whether you have a skill or not. If you do not have a skill or skill to trade, you can pay the value for the service using money.

How do you value a skill?

You can conduct market research on what is currently out there and estimate how much you will believe your skill is worth based on the rarity, training required, time to deliver services etc. This can help you to understand how you wish to value your set of skills

How can I trust your platform?

We are committed to ensuring everyone on the platform feels safe and protected, whether it is being a part of a forum and protecting our users from cyberbullying or protecting our vendors and service users through escrow and collecting vital information to ensure you can be rest assured that should anything go wrong, you will be supported and looked after. It is worth noting also that we have conducted research and put in as many measures to ensure our users are safe to trade and to minimise things going wrong.

What do I require to participate in a Barter trade?

To participate in a barter trade, you need to have had an account with us and signed up to the karbarter app. You will also require a need and what you have to trade for your need. The HAVE you wish to trade for a need can be a skill, goods or money. You will then need to find a vendor with what you need and engage them.

How can I trust that the value of the barter I am entering has not been falsified?

All the necessary details of the contract needs to be accepted by both yourself and the other party and you can either accept or reject an offer as you please. You are not mandated to accept an offer if you are uncomfortable with anything. You can also negotiate a contract to suit you.

Meet the Team

Ifedayo Ojo

Ifedayo Ojo

Co-founder/ Product Design Lead

mike makinde

Mike Makinde

Co-founder/ Project manager

Opeyemi Bamiteko

Opeyemi Bamiteko

UI/UX Designer

Comfort Obaje

Comfort Obaje

Community Manager

Nicholas JW Choy

Nicholas JW Choy

Asian Community Manager

Oyeleke Okiki

Oyeleke Okiki

Software Developer

SantaBella Nizigiyimana

Santa-Bella Nizigiyimana

Business Analyst

Samuel Akinola

Samuel Akinola

UI/UX Designer

Advisory Board

Victoria Bradley

Victoria Bradley LEGO Business Coach

Alfred's Picture

Alfred Oyekoya Director BAME Mental Health Support

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